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Scientific research
Innovation, safety and effectiveness
Beauty Spa makes use of the most up-to-date scientific research to offer a powerful performance feature.     

The Research and Development Laboratory – the company’s pride and joy – was completely refurbished and expanded in the summer of 2015. It creates new formulations, plans innovative solutions and offers exclusive responses.     
The active ingredients are selected among the latest novelties on the market substantiated by experimental data. 

The sensory pleasantness is at the same time tested on specific panels, whilst every single product or treatment is assessed in terms of skin compatibility and effectiveness in the brand new TEC Centre.

State-of-the art equipment, a highly qualified personnel and a great deal of passion are the trump cards that make Beauty Spa products a guarantee of results, effectiveness, success.

Where everything starts

The R&D laboratory is the brand new throbbing heart of Beauty Spa, opened in September. It boasts highly qualified personnel who have the essential know-how to tackle the most important challenges posed by the chemistry and to meet even the most innovative requirements of the market.


The sampling goes with effectiveness and pleasantness tests to offer a product capable of giving scientifically proven results, pleasantness during its use, unforgettable skin feelings and ensured effectiveness. 

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