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Anti-Oedema Phlebotonic Regenerant
A venous and lymphatic circulation insufficiency is often noticed especially in presence of cellulite. It entails an unpleasant consequence: both the fluids and toxins, instead of being correctly removed, become stagnant, thus causing the onset of localised swelling (oedemas) which in time tend to cause tissue inflammation.
Fluid stagnation aesthetically translates into slack, dull and inelastic tissue, whilst from a functional point of view it heightens the peripheral microcirculation insufficiency, entailing an unavoidable worsening of the whole skin.

It is therefore necessary to intervene, starting from everyday life. Fleboton was conceived to serve this purpose: thanks to the expert synergy of advanced active ingredients, it acts on the localised fat deposits, besides providing a profound refreshing action which also reactivates blood circulation.
Efficacy and well-being are the two key-words which sum up the activity of this Phlebotonic Regenerant.

Its cooling solution is specific for treating localised fat deposits (adiposity) and cellulite, especially meant for improving blood circulation and lessening the sensation of heaviness in legs. Fleboton helps restore the functional integrity of the microcirculation and provides a remarkable detoxifying and purifying action to the whole tissue.

Aerosol 150 ml
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